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fixtops is your first global RaaS platform for device enthusiasts. We connect you with vetted professionals to help you with all your device care needs.

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Revolutionize your device care experience with fixtops' AI assistance in four seamless steps.

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Use natural language to describe the problem with your devices.


Our AI will provide quick and relevant solutions to address your concerns. 

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If needed, connect with a vetted experts to resolve complex issues. 

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fixtops Pro swiftly resolves your device issue hassle-free.

Each professional on our platform is rigorously vetted for skills, experience, and reliability, ensuring you receive top-notch service every time.
No guesswork or hidden fees. Get clear, upfront pricing from professionals for your device care needs, ensuring fair and transparent transactions.

Loved by customers & professionals

Hear firsthand from those who have experienced the power of fixtops device care platform.

When my phone’s microphone stopped working, I came here and boy do they work wonders! Tony, the guy working at the time was extremely helpful, reassuring, and does the job right. Not only do I think Tony deserves a raise for the incredible customer support, I will be telling my family about FixTops.
a year ago
Respectful technician came and got me up in running in no time. Would recommend these guys no matter what your issues they'll fix it!!
a year ago
The service was great and the technician was quick and respectful. Great part about it was I didn’t have to leave my house!!
a year ago
Wonderful experience with the technician that came to my house with no extra fee! Would highly recommend if you like staying in the comforts of your own home like me.
a year ago
This repair shop was highly recommended by a friend of mine. My phone fell and i cracked my screen so bad i had splinters of glass in my fingers. I reached out to them and in less than 30 min i got my phone back. They’re efficient and professional. Go check them out ☺️👌🏽.
11 months ago
The service is top-notch! They came to the doorstep under an hour and the repair time was reasonable. Five stars!
a year ago
Their customer service is outstanding. The technician that helped me was very respectful and situationally aware. Also they fixed my ps4 and phone in an adequate amount of time. I don’t give reviews so this says something.
a year ago
I came here last week and Tony showed exceptional service. I had some issues with my phone & he fixed it. He is fantastic!!
a year ago
Good customer service , not too expensive or pricey nor have I had any problems with my devices , would definitely recommend
a year ago
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